Marketers tend to ask “what is the most effective SlideShare SEO strategy?“, and for marketers working in the B2B space, I certainly understand the thoughts behind considering its use. 

When you upload to SlideShare, you reach an audience that’s interested in your content – over 80% of SlideShare’s 70 million visitors come through targeted search.

So what does that mean in terms of your SEO?

As an isolated factor – as with most SEO ranking factors that you study by itself – it won’t be responsible for driving any extra traffic to your site. But there are some outcomes with using SlideShare that definitely is worth looking at.

Many years ago, you could embed links within the PDF’s themselves and drive some traffic. But things have changed a lot in the past 5-10 years especially with LinkedIn acquiring SlideShare.

What SlideShare is good for essentially, is if you plan to make your network on the platform. Through SlideShare, you can increase your profile value and assist to bring some referral traffic to your website that might become leads.

But if you are planning to get rankings for your main keywords strictly through Slideshare then it’s pretty tough.

I’ve actually seen actual slides rank for a keyword above the actual page the slide is embedded on, which could raise some red flags for marketers, but I see it as a great thing.

Because you are, in theory, getting your brand exposure for the topic you want to get exposure on anyways.

Also, when your presentation is embedded in your own blog post, you’re actually adding rich media to your post based on your original material. That is of great on-page value.


Consider this for your SlideShare SEO strategy:

  • Re-purpose content and drive traffic back to your website with SlideShare. Think of it as positioning your own content on a high authority domain. 
  • You’re posting content on your site with rich media embedded from an authority. This is of great value for your readers. 
  • Reach out to more professionals in a B2B network that are ready to become leads by posting on SlideShare