Google Analytics has just done a silent roll-out of an important metric which I believe represents the way we analyze online behavior today.

We find ourselves talking about user behaviour instead of sessions more than ever, and it’s common to visit the same website or app several times during the course of several periods.

Never have we lived more in moments than right now, and this has been clear for everyone working in analytics.

So when Google just recently launched the user metric in Google Analytics as part of the pre-aggregated reports, I can’t help but think it’s one of the biggest changes in the past years. You can find it here:

Users Metric Google Analytics

That is big a deal.

While this metric have been available in the past, it has only been available through custom reports, which was the biggest source of frustration when working on analytics, since it resulted in the report being sample-sized.

So with this rollout, a lot of analysts can enjoy a full overview, but when traffic starts to reach the 500,000 mark I regret to say that it will change back to sample-sized reports.

But another thing that is pretty neat is how even the hour-based report is unsampled (although only for sessions):

Users Metric Google Analytics

This is pretty significant for analysts who reports back to clients, especially in the e-commerce space, where conversions can happen at so many random times.

Again, for enterprise-level properties with substantially high volume though, the report gets sampled as the traffic hits the 500,00 mark:

Users Metric Google Analytics


All in all, this is a great rollout for anyone looking to gain a little more insight into user metrics. Although analysts who work with enterprise-level properties will be frustrated to see that sample-sized reports will still be a part of their work.

Unless you opt for Google Analytics 360 Suite, of course. 

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Photo by Jorge Gordo on Unsplash