For many SaaS companies, webinars are a vital lead generator.

It serves many purposes in once: A way to showcase a product, an opportunity for prospects to ask questions, and ultimately – win them over as customers.

Often organized in recurrent periods, it usually results in someone creating pages for each webinar.

For digital marketers working with the SEO of a site, this can can get tricky.


Webinar Registration Page Best Practices


Picture this common scenario:

After the webinar is complete, the URL to the webinar page gets deleted by the creator. A 404 page gets created. 

To add more to the mix, if these URLs are ranking for specific keywords then you need to make an informed decision as to which steps to take.

You can use a variety of tools to see which pages gets impressions for which keyword, but if you want to do it for free, I suggest you take a look at my post How To Check Keyword Rankings Using Google Search Console

Webinar Registration Page Best Practices For SEO



If you think the keywords are relevant and you would like to keep these rankings, do the following:

  • Update the content of the URL with the main topics brought up in the webinar. This lets users see whether the content fulfills their needs
  • Add information about upcoming webinars, lead magnets, white papers you have prepared
  • Customize your 404 page, pointing at a calendar page with an overview of future webinars

Be aware about some things that may impact your SEO in a negative way:

  • Do not add a 301 redirect if the end page is widely different from the original page
  • Be wary of orphan links. Make sure all pages are accessed by other pages in your URL structure

For customizing a 404 page, there are some technicalities you should keep in mind:

  • Remove URL through Google Search Console
  • Disallow robots to crawl it from robots.txt
  • Remove URL from your sitemap

That’s it!

There’s no denying that there’s some manual work involved here, and the actual tasks could either be easier or more difficult depending on your content management system.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me and ask.